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Love Quote # 65

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The sky seems so much blacker than all the other nights
Bringing a deeper chill which reaches my bones
The stars are scattered
Sparkling, shining, shaping the world
I canít see anything else but you,
Anything but you and the stars
I lay down, my head on the orange and red fallen leaves
Although they all look the same in the dark
I wonder if you care we are laying on the ground
Tiny goose bumps dance along my arms and legs
I wonder why you havenít moved closer yet
I wonder if you donít want to be there
Laying on the leaves, in the coolness of the dark
Looking at the stars, with me
I think Iím thinking too much, I think that...
You move closer
Deep breath, deep breath...
My hand feels so small in yours,
Small but safe, safe and warm
I could fall asleep with my head on your shoulder
We say nothing
I remember the stars, they are still sparkling back at us
Iíll always remember them now

- Toni Lynn Arena -

Rating: 2.9 on 5 (19 ratings)

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